Laser Dentistry Flower Mound, TX

Laser technology in the field of dentistry has changed how dentists perform traditional procedures. With the use of lasers, dentists can offer precise and minimally invasive solutions for many kinds of dental treatments. The focused energy that dental lasers use enables more accurate tissue targeting, reduces discomfort and promotes faster healing. This has set a new standard for patient care and allows patients with dental anxiety to receive treatment certain treatments. Flower Mound Dental offers laser dentistry in Flower Mound, TX to treat gum disease and other soft tissue issues.

laser dentistry in Flower Mound, TX

Understanding Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry involves the use of focused light beams, or lasers, to perform various dental procedures. The dental laser that your dentist will use is highly a concentrated source of energy. The laser can cut, sculpt, and coagulate soft tissues in the oral cavity making certain dental procedures more comfortable. This is particularly helpful for patients who experience dental anxiety or fear of the dentist. Your dentist will essentially replace a scalpel with a laser and the anxious patient will reap all the benefits.

Soft Tissue Procedures in Laser Dentistry

With the use of laser dentistry in Flower Mound, TX, we can offer several soft tissue procedures without any cutting. This enhances our ability to treat the soft tissues of the mouth with greater accuracy, less discomfort, and no downtime. Dental lasers have allowed us to offer less invasive, more precise, and comfortable oral care treatments to patients.

  • Laser Gingivectomy: One of the primary soft tissue procedures in laser dentistry is the gingivectomy. This treatment removes gum tissues allowing your dentist to expose more teeth and less gum tissue. Your Flower Mound dentist can fix a gummy smile or uneven gums with a laser gingivectomy. The procedure is often quick and comfortable.
  • Laser Frenectomy: This dental procedure uses laser technology to address a tight or restrictive frenulum. The frenulum is a band of tissue connecting the tongue to the base of the mouth and the lip to the gums. A laser frenectomy can effectively treat patients with tongue-tie or lip-tie conditions, enhancing oral function without traditional surgery.
  • Laser Crown Lengthening: In some cases when a patient needs a dental crown, they require a crown lengthening. This procedure involves reshaping the gum to expose more of the tooth’s structure. It gives the dentist more room to create a stable foundation for the dental crown.

Treating Gum Disease with Laser Dentistry

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a prevalent oral health issue that can lead to serious consequences if left untreated. Laser dentistry has emerged as an effective tool for treating gum disease.

Flower Mound Dental uses dental lasers to target and eliminate bacteria in the periodontal pockets. Bacteria build up in the spaces between the teeth and gums and cause infections. Removing it will prevent infections. If the gum tissue is already damaged or infected, your dentist can also use dental lasers to target and remove the diseased tissue. This is necessary to promote healing and prevent the spread of the disease.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Precise Treatment: Laser dentistry allows our dentists to precisely target tissue without affecting any of the surrounding areas. Infected or damaged tissue can be treated or removed without affecting any healthy surrounding areas.
  • Minimally Invasive: Compared to using a scalpel, a laser procedure is minimally invasive. This results in less discomfort, swelling, and post-treatment pain for the patient. It also helps anxious patients receive the dental care they need without being cut.
  • Reduced Bleeding: As the laser moves through the gum tissue, it seals the blood vessels resulting in minimal bleeding during and after the procedure. Patients do not need sutures to close up a wound or help control bleeding.
  • Less Discomfort: Laser dentistry is simply more comfortable for patients. The nerve endings are sealed reducing sensitivity minimizing the pain and discomfort that patients experience compared to traditional gum surgery.
  • Faster Healing: The precision of lasers promotes healing due to reduced trauma to surrounding tissues. Patients experience less postoperative discomfort, swelling, and scarring compared to traditional methods.
  • Selective Treatment: Lasers can selectively target infected areas, leaving healthy tissue untouched. This specificity enhances the overall success of the treatment.

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