Dental Implants Flower Mound, TX

Are you missing one or more teeth? Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. Mimicking your natural teeth, implants can support a custom dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants can be a solution, no matter the number of teeth you’re missing. As one of our restorative dentistry services, Flower Mound Dental can return your smile with dental implants.


Dental Implants in Flower Mound, TX

A dental implant consists of three pieces. A titanium implant post is placed in the jawbone, replacing the tooth root and forming the anchor of your restoration. An abutment goes on top to connect the implant post with the final restoration. The final restoration for a single dental implant will be a dental crown. It may be a fixed bridge or denture if you’re missing more teeth. Each restoration is custom to blend in naturally with your smile.

There are two types of implants – endosteal and subperiosteal. The first type is the most common and is probably what you think of when you picture a dental implant. They look like screws, and we place them directly in the jawbone. If you don’t have enough healthy bone structure, we can use subperiosteal implants. They go below the gumline but stay above the jawbone.

Bone grafting is another solution if you don’t have enough healthy bone structure. We transplant bone from an eligible place into the area where you want the dental implant. The graft creates a scaffold that encourages new bone cells to grow in that area. Your body absorbs the graft and starts to build up bone structure. When the process is complete, you’ll have enough bone density to adequately support dental implants.

The Dental Implant Process

We always start the implant process with a consultation. We’ll perform an oral exam, use digital imaging, and discuss your medical history, oral health, and budget. We want to ensure that implants are the best option for your needs. A critical role of the imaging is to determine if you have enough healthy bone structure for implants. If not, we’ll need to perform a bone graft, and it will need to heal successfully before moving forward with dental implant treatment.

Implant placement begins when we surgically place the implant posts in your jawbone. One reason we have a consultation is to ensure you’re healthy enough to have a surgical procedure. It takes around 3-6 months for the posts to fully heal and fuse with your jawbone. Though it’s a long time, it’s essential because it gives dental implants the stability they’re known for. We’ll provide a temporary restoration to wear until the healing process is complete.

When you’re healed, we’ll take impressions to create your final restoration. A dental lab will expertly craft a crown, bridge, or denture that matches the shape, size, and shade of your natural teeth. We’ll permanently attach the restoration to the abutments to complete the process.

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth. They come with multiple benefits you can’t get from any other restoration. We recommend dental implants to replace your missing teeth whenever possible.

Providing Full Functionality and Preserving Jawbone Structure

Dental implants are the only solution that replaces the tooth root and the crown. When you lose a tooth root, the jawbone immediately begins to deteriorate in that area. It needs the stimulation of biting down and chewing. The implants stimulate jawbone growth and regeneration because they fuse with the jawbone. When you get implants, you stop the jawbone deterioration in that area.

Because of this, you don’t need to get your restoration readjusted or replaced multiple times. With other restorations, the jawbone continues to deteriorate, changing the fit of the restoration. It eventually gets to the point where you can no longer use the same restoration adequately. We’ll need to tweak the restoration to fit properly or to fully replace it if the fit is bad enough.

Dental implants are the most stable restoration, too. Removable dentures only give you back around 30-40% of your bite function. You must eliminate certain foods because dentures can’t break them down properly. With implants, you get your complete jaw function back. You can even do things like bite into an apple without worrying about your restoration.

Improved Looks and Confidence

When your jawbone deteriorates, the face begins to sag in that area. Your facial skin and muscles depend on teeth and bone structure to stay full. When they lose that, they don’t have the support to keep them full and in their correct position. Facial sagging can cause you to look far older than you actually are.

Missing teeth can impact your self-esteem. It’s hard to want to smile when you’re missing teeth. One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is how natural they look. Each restoration is custom-made to your exact specifications. We match them to the size and shape of your natural teeth. You can also choose the shade of white that you want your restoration to be. The goal is to ensure a natural smile; people can’t even tell you have implants.

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