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As one of our restorative dental procedures, our office offers dental crowns. Crowns are one of the most versatile tools a dentist has. Not only can it preserve natural tooth structure when a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, but it can also provide cosmetic improvements. Learn more to determine if dental crowns are ideal for correcting your problems.

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Getting Dental Crowns in Flower Mound, TX

The dental crown process takes a few visits to our office. With any restorative or cosmetic treatment, we start with a consultation. Each patient is different, and we tailor treatment plans to fit your unique needs. A consultation consists of a thorough oral health exam and a discussion of your smile goals and medical history. We want to ensure that a dental crown is the best treatment for your case.

When we proceed with the crown procedure, we’ll prepare your tooth for the crown. We have to remove an amount of tooth structure to make room for the crown. The crown is intended to completely cover your natural tooth. Then, we take impressions of the prepared tooth. The lab uses these to craft a dental crown to your exact specifications. We may provide you with a temporary restoration while they make the permanent one.

Once the crown is finished, you come back into our office. We place the crown and ensure it fits you properly. When you’re happy with the fit, we permanently bond the crown to your tooth.

The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can treat both cosmetic and restorative dental problems. A crown is one of the most popular dental restorations.

Fixing Cosmetic Problems

Everyone experiences tooth discoloration at some point. Traditionally, we use professional teeth whitening to treat it. However, not all discoloration responds to typical methods. Intrinsic staining deep in the tooth or discoloration caused by trauma doesn’t respond to teeth bleaching. With a dental crown, we color-match your other teeth or whatever shade of white you desire. It completely covers the discolored tooth.

Misshapen or deformed teeth can be an eyesore and impact your self-confidence. They can cause functional issues, too. Depending on where the tooth is located in your mouth, the tooth may be needed for proper speaking or eating. The tongue interacts with your teeth to properly form sounds; each tooth has a unique role in breaking down food. A crown restores full function and a uniform appearance.

Strengthening Your Natural Teeth

One of the main functions of a dental crown is to stabilize the tooth after a root canal procedure. When you get a root canal, we remove the infected dental pulp from the tooth’s center and replace it with a biocompatible material. We then seal it off from further infection. Sometimes, the tooth isn’t fully functional. If we use a dental crown, it ensures you get back the full function and also seals it off further from bacteria.

A traditional dental bridge relies on anchor teeth on each side of the span to support it. It’s a lot of pressure to put on your natural teeth. Anchor teeth break down faster and are more susceptible to tooth decay and other problems. When we put dental crowns on them, they take on stress and protect your natural teeth.

Saving Broken and Decayed Teeth

Our dental practice uses conservative dentistry to protect the natural tooth structure whenever possible. Without the tooth root, problems like jawbone deterioration and face sagging occur in that area. Crowns are the last line of defense when severe decay or damage occurs. It can hold together the broken pieces of your tooth or restore the structure that decayed away, ensuring the tooth root stays intact.

A small chip in your tooth isn’t a big deal. However, it becomes one when a large portion of your tooth breaks off. If there are sharp edges, it puts the soft tissue of your tongue and cheeks in danger. If the interior of your tooth is exposed, dental nerves can cause pain if things come into contact with them. It also leaves the vulnerable part of your tooth open to bacteria and debris. A dental crown protects all of these things from happening.

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