Emergency Dentist Flower Mound, TX

Dental emergencies can happen at any moment. Sometimes they can be very painful and scary. It is important to know what to do if you ever experience a dental emergency. There are several types of dental emergencies that can occur.

Understanding what to do in these situations can help to alleviate pain and potentially save a damaged tooth. Flower Mound Dental offers emergency dentistry in Flower Mound, TX as a general dentistry service to patients who require immediate dental care.

emergency dentistry in Flower Mound, TX

Types of Dental Emergencies

At Flower Mound Dental, we treat many types of emergency dental situations with a full menu of dental services. As with most emergency situations, the longer you wait to seek treatment, the worse the damage could be.

Delaying treatment could result in tooth loss, an infection that spreads to other parts of your body, or living in severe pain. If you find yourself dealing with a dental emergency, we want you to know what to do. Please review the most common types of dental emergencies we see and what to do in that situation:

Severe Toothaches

Severe toothaches are a common dental emergency. If you are experiencing one, it could be due to a variety of factors. This includes tooth decay, gum disease, and trauma to the tooth. In some cases, the pain may be so severe that it is difficult to eat, sleep, or function during the day.

If you experience a severe toothache, we recommend beginning with rinsing your mouth with warm water. Also, floss to remove any food particles that may be trapped between your teeth and take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If the pain persists, you should contact our dentist office as soon as possible.

Tooth Knocked Out

If a tooth is knocked out, it is important to act quickly to try to save the tooth. First, try to locate the tooth and rinse it gently with water, being careful not to touch the root. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket and hold it in place with gentle pressure. If this is not possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saliva and contact your dentist as soon as possible. The faster you are seen and treated, the more likely it is that your tooth can be saved.


Profuse bleeding from the soft tissues in your mouth can be caused by trauma to the face or gum disease. If you experience excessive bleeding, you should gently rinse your mouth with cool water and apply pressure to the affected area with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. If the bleeding persists for more than 20 minutes, please call us or seek emergency medical attention.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth can be caused by a hard blow to the face, biting down on a hard object, or tooth decay. If you experience a chipped or broken tooth, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce swelling. If possible, save any broken pieces of the tooth and contact Flower Mound Dental for further treatment.

Dental Filling or Crown Falls Out

If your dental filling or dental crown falls out, please call our dentist office as soon as possible. You will need to be seen to prevent further damage to the tooth. Until your appointment, we suggest replacing the restoration with over-the-counter dental cement or denture adhesive. This will cover the affected area to protect it from damage, sensitivity, and infection.

Loose Tooth

Trauma to the face or gum disease can cause a tooth to loosen. When this happens, it is important to seek emergency dental care to prevent further damage to the tooth. In some cases, a loose tooth can be saved if treated within 12-24 hours.

Abscess or Infection

An abscess or infection is a serious dental emergency that needs treated as soon as possible. This is because the infection can actually spread to other parts of your body and make you very ill. If you are experiencing severe pain, swelling, and fever, please call our dentist office right away. Prompt treatment will prevent you from becoming very sick.

Flower Mound Dental offers expert emergency dentistry in Flower Mound, TX to patients who require fast dental care. If you experience a dental emergency, it is important to seek dental attention as soon as possible. Please contact us to schedule your emergency dental visit.