Restorative Dentistry Flower Mound, TX

Restorative and rehabilitative dental services involve the processes by which our dentists repair or replace your damaged or decayed teeth. If your smile contains a damaged tooth or severe tooth decay, or if you have experienced an accident that has severely affected your teeth, we have a myriad of solutions for you. Rehabilitative dentistry takes many forms, and our dentists in Flower Mound combine their expert-level experience with their compassion for helping others when it comes to each of the dental services we provide.

Restorative dentistry includes dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and other services focused on tooth repair or replacement. We work with you to create a treatment plan that will support your dental health needs, aesthetic goals, and budget. Restoring your smile’s health, function, and appearance may require one or more procedures for a stable and lasting outcome. Our office also provides sleep apnea treatment to new and existing patients.

Root canals are also a common rehabilitative dental procedure. They are used to rid your tooth or teeth of infection by entering the tooth root and getting rid of the source of any particular infection or inflammation. After the root is decontaminated, it will be filled and returned to its original state. A dental crown is typically placed after a root canal. This is done to strengthen the tooth and prevent further infection or damage.