How To Get Kids To Love Brushing Their Teeth

Many of you may be wondering how to get your children to comply with their oral hygiene without throwing a tantrum. It is common for children to want nothing to do with brushing their teeth. For all the parents who are dealing with this struggle, we have you covered. We are excited to share three of our favorite easy ways to get your children to want to brush their teeth!

Teach your children the importance of oral health early and model good oral hygiene yourself

Whether you know it or not, your children are listening to and watching you and taking your routine behaviors in. Oral hygiene is no exception to this. If children see their parents brushing and flossing, they will be curious and want to do it themselves.

Try creating a specific time each day for brushing and flossing and join your children in it. That way, when they become old enough to take care of their own oral hygiene, this time will be ingrained in them. It is essential to teach children why certain habits are healthy. Tell them how and why a healthy smile will lead to a healthy life. 

Make it fun

There are countless ways to make oral hygiene enjoyable for your kids. One of our personal favorite techniques is making a brushing playlist of songs your children love. There are plenty of dental-themed songs out there too! When it is time for brushing teeth,  put this playlist on and join your children. Another way to get your kids excited: let them pick out some new toothbrushes.

Most drugstores have a variety of children’s toothbrushes, featuring everything from Disney princesses to animals. There are so many fun ways to get your children to view brushing their teeth to be just as enjoyable as it is needed. Before you know it, your kids will be asking when it is time for their daily oral hygiene.

Reward good brushing behavior to reinforce it for your children

Rewarding your children when they keep up with their brushing is an effective way to build good long-term oral hygiene habits. Rewards don’t have to take up too much time or money. They can be as simple as putting stickers or marks on a homemade chart every time your kids brush their teeth without complaint.

The stickers can add up to a bigger reward at the end of the week or month as well. You can even let your children choose dinner one night of the week if they have been good about brushing the previous week. Even if a reward seems insignificant to us as adults, it will be helpful in reinforcing good oral hygiene behavior in your children.

It is important for children to learn why keeping up with dental care is important and how best to stay on top of it. Educating your children about why brushing is essential, modeling good behavior, making oral care fun, and rewarding your children when they are doing well are all ways to increase good brushing behavior and overall oral health. Let’s get these kids brushing!